The Lettered Streets Neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington is located north of downtown and east of the Columbia Neighborhood. This area is very unique mainly because of the historical character it possesses. In fact, it's nearly impossible not to live in a historic home in the Lettered Streets which include many bungalows and Victorians dating back as far as the 1850's.

Diversity is evident in this neighborhood through the mixture of residential and commercial areas. Apartment buildings, single family homes, offices, parks, and more are all present along the quiet tree-lined streets. Today, the Lettered Streets are home to nearly 3,000 Bellingham residents.

Attractions in and around the Lettered Streets include downtown shopping, restaurants, offices, trails and parks. Maritime Heritage Park defines this neighborhood's southern boundary. This multi-use park is home to a fish-hatchery/educational facility and is the gathering area for various concerts, carnivals, battle re-enactments, and other public events. Old Village Trail is nine blocks long and links Maritime Heritage Park with Elizabeth Park in the Columbia Neighborhood.

If you are searching for true small town charm, the Lettered Streets are perfect for you.