What's the scoop about Kelly

Born in Pasadena,California in 1960 and grew up in a 1912 Craftsman home complete with traditional front porch, leaded glass built in china huthes, open redwood beamed ceilings and everything else that makes these homes so spectacular. In 1991 I purchased a 1927 English Tudor cottage complete with glass door knobs,hardwood floors and curved archways. I know the difference between "fully restored" craftsman's and "fully remodeled" craftsman homes here in Bellingham and the potential that homes have here to be restored. I have many contacts still in southern california who "restore" these homes and bring them back to life. I graduated from St. Francis H.S. in 1978, attended Pasadena City College for 2 years and then UCLA sometime thereafter. I've always been hardworking so at the age of 20, while attending PCC and working at a grocery store, I started my own landscaping business. After 5 years of grwoing the business,finishing school and moving on from the grocery store, I sold my business and moved to Kodiak,Alaska to be with my sisters. While there, I commercial fished halibut, black cod and salmon until 1986. For the next 13 years I worked in the pet supply business as the operations manager and helped grow a start up company to 20 million dollars annually. What sets me apart from other realtors is my ability to do many things at once, communicate respectfully with others and negotiate successfully for my friends,family and clients.

What have I been doing Since moving to Bellingham?

Since moving to beautiful Bellingham in the Fall of 2004 lot's of things have happened.... my son, then 9 has now graduated form HS and has finished his first year of College . My daughter , then 4 is now entering HS !! Yikes . It has been a wonderful 11 years here that have flown by ! I got to coach my son in soccer, football, basketball and baseball. I didn't teach him much about skiing but gave him the opportunity to ski often at our local mountain MT Baker and he has turned himself into a high energy back country skier of all terrains . He also became a very good Rugby player which he still enjoys playing along with basketball . My beautiful daughter has enjoyed the last 6 years in competitive gymnastics and track & field. She is a honors student an just a joy to watch during her competitions. My wonderful wife gets more beautiful every year and cannot imagine life without her. the big 25 years coming up !

What about the housing Kelly ?

Oh that !!... since 2004 I have personally purchased two homes and sold one. We moved into a rental ( because we didn't know what area in Bellingham we wanted to live in ) and within 90 days, purchased a home in the Barkley neighborhood , fixed it up how we liked it and moved in the Spring of 2005. In the summer of 2007, my wife walked into a big view home I was going to list and she said we " had to have it !" I always listen to my wife so we purchased it, leased our old one for year or two, sold it and made a good profit. We have a beautiful home that overlooks Bellingham Bay, the San Juan Islands and the Canadian mountain range. Sunsets no matter what time of year are incredible. We are staying put !

How's working in real estate been Kelly ?

I have enjoyed my real estate career here in Bellingham ! I am celebrating my 10th year in business ! 2005-2015 Thank you to all of my family, friends and clients who have given me the wonderful opportunities to help them move , move up , move down or invest in our ever more popular Whatcom County real estate market. I showed up when the market was just entering it's peak, survived the downturn and am so encouraged by the future of Bellingham. As I quote my old friend Dino from Altadena..."life gets better then better " each day.