Real Estate Consultant

Gregg Baker has been a full time Real Estate Agent in Bellingham/Whatcom County for over ten years. Gregg specializes in residential, vacant land, condominium and commercial real estate. Gregg is a hands on Agent who answers the call! If you are seeking a competent, confident and responsive agent, email or give Gregg Baker a call at 360-734-2294 today!


Gregg Baker has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. Gregg can advise his clients to make sound investments with your residence, income properties and direct you towards the best investments for appreciation in Bellingham/Whatcom County.

Communication and Integrity

Gregg is on the ball and answers the call! Gregg is available by phone and email from morning until night. If he misses your call, you will receive a call back immediately. If you email Gregg you will receive an almost immediate acknowledgement and response. Gregg knows that this fast paced Market demands an Agent who is constantly up-to-date with all areas of the Marketplace. Give Gregg a call and you will have immediate access to what is going on in the local Market! email: greggbaker@windermere.com


Gregg has extensive knowledge of home building materials. Gregg can troubleshoot for his clients on energy efficiency, problematic building materials and "good buys" versus "troublesome" homes, condos and commercial buildings. Gregg has attended Business School and isn't afraid of crunching the numbers. Gregg can also recommend home inspectors, repair people, plumbers, electricians and attorneys.