My Personal Story

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life except for one year abroad in Australia. Through the years I have realized how much I love it here. Where else can you drive with beautiful views of the mountains and end up at the ocean in 20 minutes. I have been married for just over 8 years to Brittany and we have a little girl, Lucy Rose who just turned 3 and yes she is a Daddy's girl. I have a Bachelors in music and I am a huge sports fan, Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics, I love it all. Brittany and I are active members of New Song Church and have been involved in the community through various areas: coaching high school basketball, leading Music at Ekklesia, the young adults gathering in downtown Bellingham and supporting local businesses with special events. As well, I believe in giving back and making a difference. My wife and I partner with a non-profit called Charity Water and 10% of every sale I make goes directly to changing peoples lives with clean drinking water. So when you work with me, not only are you buying or selling a home but you are changing the situation in a community forever.

What I Provide

I pride myself by being well informed and going above and beyond. I look at myself as a coach, counsellor, advisor, there is nothing worse than spending a great deal of money and feeling like you just got robbed. I want people to have the best experience possible and that is why I joined Real Estate. What has made me successful in sales is being able to connect with people and make sure they are getting what they want, not what I think they want. Great service is hard to come by and I want my clients to feel heard and respected. Giving information is also very important and I like to walk people through the entire process and guide them along the way.

My Success Story

What has helped me to be successful is staying on top of the market. I love doing research and finding the best deal possible. I will scour the resources available to get the deal that needs to be done. Persistence and following up is my speciality. Every job I have had in my life has prepared me for Real Estate, whether its working at Mcdonald's to learn excellent Customer Service, or at a Machine shop to learn great work ethic. I believe the reason I have been successful is because I first and foremost truly love and care for people. I am in real estate because I want to serve people. Now at the same time this does not make me a softy in negotiations, what sets me apart from people doing the exact same work as me is that I just outwork my competition.